Reconnect to the Elements of Life

Humans evolved to be hunter gatherers, living in tune with Mother Nature, and their natural ecosystem. Modern humans have become disconnected from their natural habitat and evolutionary origins, and are suffering separation anxiety.

The Truth About Humans

We as human animals have forgotten our place in the natural order of this beautiful planet, and are paying attention to all of the wrong sensory inputs.

What is a Modern Hunter Gatherer?

In today’s hectic modern world, we live a very different life than our ancestors did. Understanding our evolutionary origins allows us to give our environmentally sensitive bodies the right information for health.

When we understand how our biology truly works, we can live in the modern world, and add back in the missing elements of life that were instrumental in our evolution, and organic health. If we follow Mother Nature’s rules, we can all thrive, and become Modern Hunter gatherers


People Around the World are Vitamin D Deficient


People Feel Tired by 3:00 PM


of People Don't Get Enough Sunlight

Are You Suffering from Separation Anxiety?

We have become disconnected from the natural world, and the elements of life, AIR, EARTH, FIRE, and WATER. Together, they represent the physical world we live in, and are responsible for producing and maintaining all life on our planet. To be healthy we need to reconnect to these essential elements of life. 


Feasting, and Fasting, what we eat, when we eat, and its nutritional components.


Sleep and Breathing, insomnia, and sleep apnea.


Radiation Rules, Vitamin D, increase native exposure (sunlight) decrease nonnative radiation, blue light, and screens at night.


The Magical Molecule, and key to life.

Introducing The Heroes of Light

These are the heroes that are battling for your health right now. These are the celebrities of our bodies, and the stars of our lives. Learn about how our bodies truly work from their adventures in your body, as they fight for your natural and organic health.

Marty Mitochondria

Marty is in charge, and he’s got the power. This is where we as humans burn the fuels we eat to power our cells. Marty produces something called ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, essentially human electricity. It's inside Marty that the battle for your health is being fought.

Vitamin D

You can think of vitamin D as your guardian angel, protecting you, and helping your body work as designed, with the power of sunshine. Remember, humans are “solar powered animals.”


Magnesium is a magnificent mineral. Found in the earths crust, magnesium electrifies ATP, human electricity. Magnesium gives you boundless energy.


The Yin and Yang of life! Hydrogen is our fuel source at the deepest level, it’s ability to come apart at the seams at the drop of a hat is what makes it so useful in biology.


Sulfur is king of the hydrophiles. He loves water. He rules the aqueous area of your body, like your blood, and cytoplasm. He is your dutiful defender, and in charge of the barriers of you body. He protects you from pathogens, like bacterial infections, and cold and flu viruses. This guy is slick, and keeps your tissues gelled and healthy.


Cholesterol is traditionally cast as a villain, but in this story, and your body, she is a hero. She is queen of the hydrophobes, and she is terrified of water. She rules your cell membranes, and holds together the fats that keep us healthy. She is your best friend, and mini repair person, keeping your tissues strong, and flexible.

Meet the Mind Behind Modern Hunter Gatherers

Welcome to Modern Hunter Gatherers – your tribe. The cure to the Modern Epidemic is tribal life. When we respect mother nature we can all be heroes.


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